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The stars have a lot to say about who we are and so does our own personal energy. Lori Marie can sit with you and using her connection as a divine emissary and her knowledge of the stars assist you into looking deeper within and guide you to personal self awareness. Through self awareness Lori Marie is able to give you the tools you need to identify what to work through and motivate you to create the life that is in alignment with your highest good. Lori Marie helps you tap into your subconscious, she aligns with your energy, and works with your astrological chart to see what your higher self needs you to know and do to be successful on your path of personal transformation.                       Click here to schedule a consultation or request more information

Relationship Reading

Relationships are not just our romantic connections for couples. We have relationships with everyone we interact with including our family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors. Lori Marie is a divine emissary who taps into your energy and uses your personal astrology chart to help see what your personal focus is in relationships and how you may need to change certain patterns to help you achieve the level of intimacy, communication, or success within them. With a relationship reading you do not need to have a specific relationship as your focal point.                                                          Click here to book an appointment or request more information

yearly Transit Reading

With a One on One reading Lori Marie uses her connection as a divine emissary and your astrological birth chart to help bring you self awareness and insight into your recent past and your year ahead. She uses various astrological charts to help pin point patterns in your life that may need to be addresses. With her connection to the divine and tapping into your energy she is able to bring you insight and message that you may need to be aware for your highest good. 

  Click here to book an appointment or request more information

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