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Understanding what you can and can not control

Truly the only thing you can control in the universe is your own energy and response to what your energy reflects back to you. What you see play out in front of you may seem external but your energy put you there in that precise moment to experience it because it is in alignment with what is going on inside of you. You have no control over anything else. It is a hard concept to understand when you see things like murder and wars playing out in front of you but energy goes where energy flows and you truly can change things merely by your perspective of it. I don't have the answers that may come as you read this post because your perception of it is in alignment with what you currently perceive but what I can control is the fact that as I become self aware I share what I learn in hopes of planting seeds and one day you may have an ah-ha moment.

I can though, try and give you some examples. If you find yourself in constant situations where you are attracting animosity in your life or your loved ones maybe you need to look at why this is happening. We are conditioned to believe that it is the other persons fault and for some reason the universe is upset with them and maybe they deserve it. Or maybe you have some other tape playing in the back of your brain when these patterns arise but the point is that whatever it is you are telling yourself when they do play out in front of you is what needs to be reprogrammed and changed so they stop. Once you choose to see things from a new perspective and change your programmed thoughts about it those patterns will change and not play out.

This is what it means when you hear someone say you are projecting your fears onto others or projecting out into your outward world. When you project your subconscious beliefs to the world it reflects back to you. The goal of this can lead to a big awakening that you never knew existed. Take the time to start being mindful of things that play out in front of you and taking that reflection inward and seeing what you can change in your thoughts and perspectives to help heal and shift things. You will be amazed at how life beings to change when you begin to be self aware of the projections and inner dialog you have. This is what waking up is all about. Waking up to yourself...becoming self aware. This is literally the only thing you have control over and honestly the only thing you need control over to live a happy and prosperous life.

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