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Understanding Eclipses and what they actually mean for you

Even in our far off history the mysterious energy of an eclipse has always been a big part of all cultures. Some theorize it is because the sky suddenly going black or the moon turning black is an enigma especially in times where natives didn’t necessarily have a calendar system in place. Over time this changed and they became a bit more predictable but in our current day and age where we have a noticeable combination of exaggerated media and simultaneously people expanding in consciousness with the desire to know truth. When the media blows things out of proportion to a society that is eager for truth, knowledge, and growth it can at times turn into a fear based situation where people begin to dread these natural phenomena and not learn the truth they desire. The media is a blessing and a curse. On the one hand it brings large masses of like minded people together but on the other hand you have those who just want to be noticed in this big world and use the media as this outlet.

On that note it is our job as truth seekers to get in tune with ourselves enough that we can tell when things are being exaggerated and search for what is really happening on our own.Let me shed some light on the topic of eclipses, no pun intended. Most people will agree that without the Sun and the Moon we would be lost on so many levels. The Sun is our main energy source and we need it for so many things including our health and vitality. The Moon is just as essential and we can learn a lot from its eb during the fall of the time and flood during the rise of the tide. It is in magnetic motion with our earth and we are all magnetized by it as well.

When we have a solar eclipse the moon, as it orbits the Earth, comes in between the sun and earth and blocks the sunlight. Looking at the sun as our energy source and the moon as our eb and flood of emotions we can metaphorically say that our emotions are taking over our vitality or energy. What gets exaggerated is when the media talks about what zodiac signs will be in trouble, have the hardest times, or are most affected by this. These few choice words are what freak people out. What is actually a natural occurrence is giving all people the change to stop and reflect on how their energy and actions have caused them to be in the place in life they are in and how it has effected them on a “feeling” or “emotional” level. Feelings are the true language of our human existence and a lot of time we lose touch with it due to our need to shine in the eyes of those around us. Humans want to be accepted and love and stray off the path of being in tune with how they really feel at times. The zodiac sign that the eclipse is happening determines a collection of people who may feel the eclipse more than others. They may need to reflect deeper and really look at why they are feeling off. If they choose not to reflect over the course of the following six months of an eclipse the universe will through challenges at them forcing them to reflect and this is why people may freak out. No one wants change or challenges forced upon them. So if the universe is showing you signs that an eclipse is coming just educate yourself and take some personal time to self reflect so you can do the work needed and then you will have a lot less to worry about.

When we have a lunar eclipse it is similar but more along the lines of you may have let emotional situations get out of hand and you need to add more action into the situation so that your shadow side does not take over. All in all the eclipses are unique times in life where we can pinpoint what is going on in our lives and take the opportunity to level set and work through them so they do not get out of control in the future. The universe is always talking to us and always giving us the exact information we need to hear, grow, and learn. The universe knows you want answers and are looking for them but sometimes we need to tune out to tune in. So turning off the over exaggerated media and tuning into what feels right so you can use the situation to listen to what your inner self needs you to know.

For more on this topic and others feel free to message, email, or call me anytime!

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