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Reprogramming Control into Connectivity

In this reality it seems the theme is “power” and “control”. It’s not a conscious theme for everyone but it’s what we have conditioned our brains to believe we need in order to survive.

The only thing that will shift you, first, and then humanity is to reprogram your brain from power and control to connectivity and unconditional love. This is the only core thing we need to survive.

So to live the life you truly desire, at the core level, it will entail you waking up from your unconscious sleep and start witnessing the habits and programs you live from in order to survive and then consciously, from an awakened state, gradually change your choices from a place we’re instead of needing power over others you choose to connect and work with each others strength and in turn build from within connections of unconditional love.

Waking up and becoming aware of your current motives in life…at the deepest level…is the only way to master this reality and save humanity from self destruction.

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