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Perspective, change it and you change the world

Our world tends to think everything is black and white or right and wrong. This is furthest from the truth once you begin to understand that literally everything is “perspective”. So let's dig a little deeper here. What does this mean? Perspective is an angle or a viewpoint from which something is understood. Everything is understood in relation to what you have come to know and have previously experienced which is never exactly the same as another. It could be similar, and this is how we can relate with another, but it is not possible to see the exact perspective as another.

If I am standing on top of a building and witness a death it may appear to have been an accident, and if I am seeing a death from a ground floor window across the street it may appear a murder, but if I am the one who was the catalyst for the death happening it my perspective is I was protecting myself. None of these perspectives are wrong because we all saw it but from a different perspective. Your perspective can be altered once you listen to the person who saw it from the window, and then the person who actually did it, but because of your initial perspective you will never see it exactly as they did.

Perspective plays out in absolutely every aspect of our lives. What is right for one may not be right for another but that does not make it wrong it just makes it wrong for you. Language expresses a perspective and because we all see from our own perspective the other person is only able to see from what they can relate it to which creates their perspective. This is why not everyone can understand what we are saying, they can not relate it to anything they have experienced and therefore they have a completely different perspective. Since we can not understand someone's perspective does this make that person wrong? It sure does play out in our society that way, but no it does not because from their perspective no matter how insane it may sound to us it is right for them. Just because we do not understand or can not relate to someone's perspective does not make us right and them wrong it just makes it wrong for us.

So I may touch a nerve with what I am about to share because this is the harshest way to explain perspective and not everyone is going to be able to relate to it.

Murder, rape, war, heinous crimes of any nature are not wrong they are just wrong for you. Now this sounds really off doesn’t it? You need to change your perspective. Each and everyone of these things that play out come from a different perspective and it was right for them and what needed to transpire in that moment. Let me take you off course for a second. Everything this is connected. Everything is consciousness, we just are not always awake knowing it. We are all connected consciousness experiencing itself as an individual from a different perspective. We are not separate, we are just experiencing things from our own unique perspective and everything is not going to feel right to you but that doesn’t make it wrong it just makes it wrong for you in your experience in this consciousness. Since we are all connected, what we experience as a collective consciousness affects each and everyone of us. This is how we have come to know the terms right and wrong or even yin and yang. We define based on our perspective and when one person's perspective affects us we label it based on our own perspective and it feels right or wrong. We are all connected even to the things that feel the ugliest and the most heinous and they are just as needed in human experience that we choose to incarnate into as the things that bring us joy and peace. We would have no reason to be here in this experience if we did not have the free will to see and feel all things from different perspectives and because we are all connected each and everything we feel and experience energetically affects each one of us but not always on a conscious level.

In life we all have free will. It may not always seem that way and that is because others' free will can impose fate on us through our interconnectedness, but we have the free will on how we choose to perceive something. If we do not like what we see or are experiencing in life all we have to do is change our perspective. This is a very literal statement. You have the free will to stay in pain, to not choose to see other sides of things, or to have compassion, to try and understand, or to give or not give your attention to something. You have free will and your pain or your happiness all boils down to your perspective. If you are having a bad day, change your perspective and have a good day. If you are in a loveless marriage change your perspective and try and see why it is what it is. In closing, life is literally perspective, change it and you can change the world.

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