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Numerology And Your Name = Your Expression Number

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Words and numbers are just humans way of understanding frequency, energy, or vibrations. Just like words numbers are everywhere and within everything. They care just the same importance and are often overlooked because of the growing fear of math in our society. Genius, Nicola Tesla said, "If you only knew the magnificence of 3, 6, and 9 then you would have the key to the universe" Numbers are not as complicated as your algebra teacher made it and they are much more useful too.

Astrology is my favorite but numerology is a tool I encourage anyone who is looking to know more about themselves and the world around them to delve deeper into. Not only can you use it to know more about yourself but you can use it to know the energy of any give situation, entity, dwelling, or messages the universe is trying to send to you. It's a language and if you understand it you unlock a whole new world!

Your birth name can be deduced to numbers as well. When you take the number system I have presented below and apply it to your birth name you get your "Expression" number. How your energy from birth is expressed out into the world. It is also known as your destiny number because it was given to you at birth. Some may have unique situations where they no longer have their birth name, and even though this may be the case that birth name is still vibrating with you, your name that you move about the world with is just as important and can be used here because it is the energy you have adopted.

Using this number system write out each letter of your name and add them together to get your expression number.

EX: Lori Marie Silva


3 6 9 9 4 1 9 9 5 1 9 3 4 1 = 73 7+3= 10 1+0=1

My expression number is 1

You can use this system to add us the numbers to any word, name, entity, dwelling, title, or anything at all. Here what the vibration of each number means. People us this when naming their child, coming up with a brand for their company name, slogans, nick names, when deciding on where to live, book titles, etc. Keep in mind it also is the vibration for each letter it represents above. At this time you are using it to find your expression number by using your birth name but my hopes is you take it a step further and use it for so much more.

ONE - Independent, Goal Oriented, Innovative

One is self-sufficient and doesn't sit around waiting for opportunities to come about, it makes its own luck by capitalizing on circumstances others may be afraid to explore. With a positive outlook and unwavering self-determination, this number excels at setting and going after its goals. It is an action and motivated energy. One is strong willed and able to see a door were others seed a wall. Too much one energy, or unevolved use of one energy, can play out as forceful, risky, and doubtful.

TWO - Intuitive, Unifying, and Influential

TWO in numerology is a peacemaker that is keenly aware of the values of cooperation and working together. Two is different from ONE in that even though they too hold a lot of power over situations, especially relationships, two does not push or use force with others because its incredible abilities of compassion and cooperation. Too much two energy, or unevolved use of two energy, can play out as indecisive overly sensitive, and withdrawing.

THREE - Conversationalist, Creative, and Charming

Three energy is the life of the party and the social butterfly. They love to interact with others and brainstorming with friends on any topic is enjoyable. Three energy is naturally charismatic and attracts what it needs to be a part of any group setting. Too much three energy, or unevolved use of three energy can play out as shallow, over indulgence, and scattered.

FOUR - Structured, Responsible, and Dependable

Four holds the energy of the realist who wants to be efficient and make sure everything is taken care of. If you need a job to get done efficiently and for the right reasons you can always depend on the energy of four. Too much four energy, or unevolved use of four can lead to humdrum, ridged, and anti-climatic.

FIVE -Change, Hyper aware, Adventurous

Five is adaptable and excepting when changes of all kinds is presented. They use all their senses and are hyper aware of all that is going on in the bigger scheme of things. Five energy loves to explore and be adventurous and is know to be a very curious energy. Too much five energy, or unevolved use of five can lead to unfocused, overwhelmed therefor unreliable, and undependable.

SIX - Helpful, Nurturing, and Fun

Six is the one you call when you need a hug and a little extra emotional support. Six is the energy naturally know what to do to cheer someone up and turn it into a fun time. Six loves spreading the love and will protect that which it loves with tooth and nail. Too much six energy, or unevolved use of six can be conditional, passive, and not able to say not or over giving.

SEVEN - Studious, Curious, and Analytical

Seven energy loves to research and study anything that peaks its interest. They need solitude and can easily get lost in its search for more knowledge. Seven energy is the librarian or internet frequency but seven energy is very spiritual because it is in search of higher knowledge. Too much seven energy, or unevolved use seven become paranoid or suspicious, skeptical, or secretive and reclusive.

EIGHT - Manifestor, Successful, and Patient

Eight is the successful manifestor who is self confident and determined to wait patiently knowing what it desires will come to fruition. They carry good karma because they are always ready to give back to those in need. Too much eight energy, or unevolved use of eight can play out as entitled, greedy, and materialistic.

NINE - Infinite, Evolved, and Allowing

Nice is at the end of the numbers and has the experience of all that has come before. It is evolved and understands that it will all repeat again but able to look at it from a new perspective. Nice can find the flow state and allow what is to come come and is able to have compassion for all other energies. Too much nice energy, or unevolved nice can be jaded, self pity, and resentful.

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