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How to use Mercury Retrograde in your favor

We have all heard the Mercury Rx horror stories over the years. Now whenever something goes cray cray everyone is quick to claim Mercury must be retrograde again! But honestly Mercury retrograde can actually be used to your advantage you just have to understand what is actually happening so you can look at it from a new perspective.

When Mercury goes retrograde it is giving you a chance to relook at something in a new way. This is actually the case when any planet goes retrograde. In the cosmos the planet for a short period of time appears to be going backwards giving you the opportunity to redo, revisit, restructure, reorganize, anything with the prefix "re" in front of it. All you have to do is that the qualities of the planet and see what is happening around you and relook at it in a new way. So for example it is very common for packages to be delayed or mixed up during Mercury Rx. I received a package in the mail I had ordered and I was very careful to order the exact item I needed. Low and behold the item was not compatible with what I needed it for. The item was very expensive and I tried to return it but the seller wanted to take the return fee out of my refund to have it mailed back. I did not think this was fair at all and I immediately wanted to call and be angry and fight for it to be taken care of correctly. I knew Mercury was retrograde and this was something totally normal that could go wrong so instead of getting angry I decided to merely call the seller and explain the situation. The seller explained why it was going to be a charge and I explained that I did not order the wrong item I ordered the correct one but it was listed incorrectly and the error was on the seller. All I was hoping for was the seller to pay for the shipping but instead the seller allowed me to keep the item and refunded me the full amount. I actually came out ahead. I can sell the item and I will have double the money. It worked in my favor. Mercury retrograde or any retrograde planet isn't trying to make your life difficult it is just going in an ass backwards way to get things done. It want you to revaluate the mishap in a new way and learn that literally everything is about your perspective. If you go into any retrograde period thinking "oh my goodness here we go again what horrible thing is going to happen" and then the universe creates obstacles and blocks as expected but you are so upset that you loose sight of the real meaning of the instead of looking at it as a horrible situation revaluate it from a new perspective and see what the universe was really trying to tell you. Everything happens for a reason. Retrograde planets are actually very valuable moments where the universe speaks a bit louder and all we need to do is listen.

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