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Do you know your Sun, Moon, and Rising sign?

Do you have any idea what someone is asking you when they say do you know your sun, moon, and rising sign? This trio is sort of a general compilation of your natal chart that people use when they want to know a little bit more about you than just your zodiac sign. When someone says what’s your sign they are asking you a very generalized question and they are referring to your sun sign. When you were born the sun was passing through a constellation, or zodiac sign, and this constellation only describes one small part of you. It’s so general really that it’s like asking someone their last name and assuming they are from one particular culture but in this day and age we know that we are so much more than just where our last name comes from.

If we were to take a snapshot of the cosmos at the very second we enter the world and take our first breath we would see a picture of what constellation all the planets are passing through at that exact moment. Each planet is unique and each constellation is unique so when we take this snapshot, also known as your natal or birth chart, we too are very unique. So unique that even our twin who is born seconds or even minutes later, or a baby in another part of the world who is born at the same exact second but in a different location is going to be different than we are in various ways.

When we take the first breath there is a constellation on the horizon and that constellation, depending on where we are located, is what we call our rising sign also referred to as your ascendant. Our rising sign is our persona; we show the world and our physical self. There are a lot of characteristics that go along with the different zodiac signs and the face we show the world is often so strong that people who first try and guess our zodiac sign may guess our rising sign. The sun is our vitality, our energy source, and our ego or pride. Like our culture we often are very prideful of our zodiac sign because it is the core or vitality of who we are. The moon rotates fairly fast around the earth and has an effect on the eb and flow of our ocean tides as well as our human moods. Some connect this to the fact that we are made 90% of water but whatever the cause the moon clearly connects us to how we deal with emotions, intuition, feelings, and how we nurture. This trio gives us a much clearer insight into who we are without having to dig too deep into our birth chart.

So now that you understand why people ask you what your sun, moon, and rising sign are, the next question is do you know yours? If you do not know I will gladly give you a free copy, and interpretation of your natal chart just fill out this form:

Birth Chart Data Form

Now that you know what your sun, moon, and rising sign are you can join in on the conversation and start asking others what theirs are!

My future blogs will give more insight into each! Keep your eyes open as we explore in more depth what your sun, moon, and rising sign say about you!

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