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A New Year and a New You - Your personal year number using Numerology

It's 2023 and you have a new Personal Year number that can be calculated with numerology.

Your personal year number will give you insight into the basic theme or vibe of your year ahead. To test out the theory you can always use it for your previous year and see if your personal year vibe played out accurately.

How do you calculate your personal year number?

Use the month and day of your birth along with the new (or year you wish to find the personal number for) and add it straight across. Ex. My birth is August 6 -> 8 + 6 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 3 = 21 2+1= 3. My personal year this year is a 3 year.

Personal Year ONE - Let the action begin!

One is an action number. You can plan on being fairly ambitious this year or at the very least a drive toward goals that you may have lack in the recent past. This year you find yourself driven to get what it is you have been really desiring from material things to that recognition at work. You will find yourself fairly busy on a day today basis and if not careful can over extend yourself leading to bad moods, fights, and burn out. Go into your new personal year aware that the theme is going to be a busy year and you will consciously need to be aware for the need of balance. In order to be truly successful a overall balance between work, play, and rest is required of you. You could accomplish your goals but end up ill or unhappy in other areas of your life because you forgot to consider the need for balance.

Personal Year TWO - Get cozy and relatable

Two is a pair and partnerships come in pairs. In a two year you will find yourself working on or needing to work on your close relationships. You will want to be home with that special someone or spend more time with someone you really care for. Two years are times when you may find yourself cooking or ordering in and staying home more and working inwardly on a special relationship or on yourself in order to make room for a desired relationship. This is a much needed cozy time for you to heal and grow but balance is required. If you spend too much time inward you may enter hermit mode and choose not to get out into the world and actually relate enough. All those cozy safe vibes may also have you packing on the pounds. Be sure that you find a health level of balance between personal down time and out moving out in the world either through exercise or merely getting out and interacting more.

Personal Year THREE - Three's Company

Three is a year where you may embrace the image of a social butterfly. You want to be around people socializing and chatting it up. If you are normal an introvert you may find yourself unusually more engaging this year. At the very least you will be more extroverted and out and about in the world. Three's love to have fun and enjoy life and entertainment. You could plan trips with friends and family, or go out to party or mingle more than usual. In a three year the area you will want balance is over doing it. You could find yourself feeling so good and enjoying life that you spend more money without even noticing it. Three years can find you entering the next year with the need to tighten your wallet. Three years can also find you maybe over indulging in too much food, alcohol, or even drugs so a level of balance is needed.

Personal Year FOUR - Foundation, Structure, and Safety

Four is a year where you will desire safety and structure. You will find yourself creating foundations based on structure in order to create levels of security that you feel are needed make life feel safe. You may find yourself working on a budget, reorganizing your home, buying a new logical home that fits your need, or working on these things in other areas of your life that structure and security have been lacking. A four year can begin to be very boring, restricting, and serious if your get too rapped up in detail. Be sure to balance it out with fun here and there. Structure is important but life is not worth it if you forget to play once in awhile

Personal Year FIVE - Change is good

Five is a year where change is inevitable. This will either change dramatically from one way to another or constant small changes will be evident throughout the year. They may feel never ending. Five is also a creative number so you may child that the change is happening because you are looking at life from a freer more creative angle and the universe is just matching that vibe you are already putting out. Change can also come in many forms. Change can be self initiated and you begin new regimens or tackle something you have never done before. You may change inwardly and grow and live from a new perspective so much so you may be a whole new person and the people in your life will point out the changes the notice. A five year can be chaotic with too much change. You need to find ways to ground yourself so you do not become too overwhelmed at times. Sometimes we can not physically and emotionally keep up with all the change and the integration of the changes get skipped over. Be sure to take personal down time to integrate the changes so you can embrace them and not fear the exhaustion.

Personal Year SIX - Nurture is your nature

A Six year is a time where you want to be nesting at home with your family and friends. You wont be a hermit per say but you will want to entertain at home and enjoy the your friends and family in a nurturing way. You will want to take care of everyone and make them feel welcome. You may even want to work from home or start working from home just so you can be closer to those you care for. Six years can find people starting in home daycare, taking care of an elderly parent, adding a new child to the family either naturally or adopting. Your home may be more messy but its because your spending all your time nurturing others in it. You may feel more playful and creative and just not care about the mess in the moment. You truly enjoy being at home and cooking and caring for others. The only downfall is you may get out of balance and let important things go. You may forget to pay bills, not clean enough and get overwhelmed by it, be too depended on by other and not get any personal time. During a six year you will want to find you time and time to get life back in order.

Personal Year SEVEN - Living in library mode

A Seven year is a year where people see less of you because you are focused on some sort of study or inward work. You desire being alone in the peace and quiet or just home where you can focus your mental energy on the things that need your attention. Seven is the year a student really gets into his school work on its his only focus, you may want to research a topic, write a book, or start journaling. You may have a personal self help topic that you want to focus on and in order to integrate that you need that time alone to do the work. With a seven year you may get too deep into the silence that everything else gets tuned out and you could potentially miss out on opportunities. Be sure that at some point you either let others into your world and you interact a bit or that you get out into the world. You do not necessarily need to interact with others but connection is key so being out in the world could provide a healthy balance while you are so focused on certain things.

Personal Year EIGHT - Abundance

An EIGHT year finds you working on your manifestation skills creating a new level of abundance. You either are working hard for your material desires or it falls into your lap by luck. An eight year is usually about money in one way or another. You find all the ways you can make it or your focus is on it so you can acquire the material comfort you have been desiring. With an eight year abundance can come in more ways than one and you will be challenged with looking at your morals, ethics, and values around the topic of abundance. You will want to be careful with the choices you make in attaining abundance or you could find yourself in morally sticky situations.

Personal Year NINE - Infinite hippy

When you have nine as your personal year you will be wrapping up your 9 year cycle and getting ready to start all over again when you are in your one year. When you are wrapping up with the nine year you tend to become more spiritually inclined and want to assess all that you have been through and find meaning behind it. You do not want to repeat the things you have went through over the past 8 years so it is a valuable time to learn and share the knowledge by teaching or preaching to others that which you have experienced. Some may turn to religion others may turn to their own spiritual perspective. Also during a nine year you are very in touch with animals, art, nature, and children. You may have a hippy mentality were you care more about love and compassion than material things. The challenge with a nine year is that you can become passive and loose sight of reality. You may also be more sensitive and choose to escape reality. In order to wrap things up with the nine year you will want to stay grounded and learn to be comfortable uncomfortable. With all the light you are feeling there needs to be a healthy balance of darkness. You can not have one without the other. So try to stay grounded so you do not find the need to escape into your own delusional reality because it feels safer there.

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