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Intro to Divination Tools workshop

The universe speaks many languages! Intro to Divination Tools workshop will share tools that can be used to interpret these languages!

The universe speaks many languages and is always trying to communicate with us! In this Intro to Divination Tools workshop we will introduce you to various tools that can help you understand some of the message the universe is trying to share with you! We will cover ancient divination tools such as Astrology, tarot, numerology, and the power of crystals and how you can use them to help you in some of your questions you would like the universe to help you answer in life.


Divine 24 presents - Intro to Divination Tools workshop

"All About You" Private one on one Session for Beginners

Learning astrology is learning a whole new language! It is a fantastic tool for self discovery and by exploring your own Birth Chart you will gain the basic knowledge of how the cosmos effect you here on earth. 

Join me, Lori Marie, for Astrology is a language "All About You" where I assist you in learning more about yourself and astrology through your personalized birth chart. 

This class is a 60 min one on one session designed for those who want to dig deeper into who they are and gain more self awareness through astrology. It is a beginner class were we meet and go over the basics of astrology pertaining to your own specific natal chart.

With the class you will also receive tools and resources on how to move past life long challenges and obstacles that have repeatedly played out in your life. 


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