Divine Emissary - Divination tools & Expanding Consciousness MEETUP group is based out of Arizona but has many virtual meetups for everyone! We are one giant network of love, light, and expanding consciousness!

What we're about



  • What's the purpose of the group?

This group is to gather like minded, heart, and souls together to learn how to expand our consciousness through various divination tools, techniques, and creative outlets.

  • Who should join?

Anyone who is on the path to personal transformation and actively working on expanding their consciousness. Individuals who have the desire to learn various paths to self awareness and gaining skills in areas that will help themselves and plant seeds for others to grow and learn as well.

  • What will you do at your events?

We will have a variety of virtual and in person gatherings that consist of a wide variety of tops ranging from but not limited to: Shadow work, self healing, astrology for self awareness, energy healing and balancing, meditation and sound healing, and all things divine. This may include guided art classes to release pent up trauma and expand on any messages your higher self may be relaying to yourself and other, as well as deep conversation group sessions where like minded individuals share knowledge, wisdom, and messages to one another to help grow in consciousness.